Amar Jawaan – Ek Shaam, Shaheedo Ke Naam


This Event has two goals, One is to raise some funds for poor people & another is especially to Honour the MARTYR families or war widows who have lost their loved ones while protecting the Mother India. They love mother India so much that if they have another child then they will send him to protect the border of India again. Honoring their family on the can help to heal their wounds and can help to share their pain.

Cause – Fund Raising Event for Poor people

We always think about helping poor people but usually, don’t have time due to busy schedule. For helping poor people their many NGO’s but don’t have sufficient fund. So this program will help to raise fund for those NGO who work for Society & Poor people. Be a part of nobel cause and help society in your own way

Fundraising Goal: Raise 5 Lack Rupees

Why we Need it?

In recent time, our organisation has seen that poor people always suffer. Sometimes they can’t afford food, sometimes they can’t afford to send their child for education or Sometimes they don’t have clothes to wear. Our Goal is to raise fund for these people so that we can help them as much as possible. Recently we have done blood donation camp through helps of peers & raising fund through our members, other time we help with Warm clothes & blanket for people who sleeps on street. One day our members themselves arrange food supply & basic necessities for a family who lost his home in a natural event. Our Organisation always starve for working towards helping society in any possible way but sometimes limits ourselves due to financial limits a small organisation like us can afford. We plead to people to help raising fund for these people.

How you can Participate in event as an Artist

  1. Any Artist can perform on “free” stage in front of mass gathering only by giving Rs 100 as Donation for helping the poor.
  2. Category provided is Dance, Art, Music, Singing, Comedy, Drama within the given time frame.
  3. The theme for the event is Entertainment as well as Patroit, so only performance related to or devoted to love of our Country is allowed.

Audience Type

  1. Martyr families
  2. Social Workers & Influencers
  3. Celebrities
  4. NGO’s Directors
  5. News Editors & News Channels
  6. Schools Children’s
  7. General Public
  8. Industrialist

About Location

  • Capacity: 3000
  • Location: Open
  • Facility: Water, Security, LED Screen promotion
  • Stage: Yes, Size: Big enough to accommodate a group of 10 dancers;
  • Branding: Wings & Back drop, Stage front
  • Stall & Canopy Location: Yes
  • Chair Sitting for: Martyr Family, VIP’s, News Editor & Participant.
  • Donation Box: Yes

Organised by: Rz Taem, Dhimaan Group & 4 Friends Entertainment

Support : Anand Seva Samithi, AGS, Dubai Mall, SunderDeep NCC, JFC Group, Metro Live News, Cloud 9, Midas, NDRF;

Digital Partner: Echrontech

Schedule & Program Details

Date – 03/02/2019 ( Sunday )

Timing: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Welcome Program
  •  Entertainment & Fun Activities
  • Honor MARTYR Army Family
  • Momento for Team & Thanking function
  • Closing with photo Session.

How can you Help US?

Anyone can donate to our organization, for example

  • Clothes for Winters & Summer including blankets, shawl & small children clothes
  • Books & Study Material
  • Long Life/packed Food Materials.